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The Boston Women's Health Book Collective.  Our Bodies Ourselves: Menopause.

Doress-Worters, Paula B. & Laskin Siegal, Diana. Ourselves, Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power.

Greer, Germaine. The Change: Women, Aging and Menopause.

Mosconi, Lisa. How Menopause Affects the Brain. (Ted Talk, link included)

Northup, Christiane. The Wisdom of Menopause.

Northup, Christiane. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.

Pipher, Mary. Women Growing North: Navigating Life's Currents and Flourishing as We Age. 2019.

Schultz, Connie. A Women Over Fifty: A Life Unleashed. (Ted Talk, Link included)

Weed, Susan S. New Menopausal Years: The Wise Women Way.

North American Menopause Society, The Menopause Guidebook 

Gunter, Jen The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health With Facts and Feminism

Newby, Karen The Natural Menopause Method: A Nutritional Guide Through Perimenopause and Beyond

Corinna, Heather What Fresh Hell is This? Perimenopause, Other Indignities and You

Mukherjee, Heath Annice The Complete Guide to Menopause

Lankester, Rachel Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond

Codrington, Kate Second Spring: The Self-Care Guide to Menopause

Mattern, Susan P. The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and meaning of Menopause

Brizendine, Louann The Upgrade: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better in Midlife and Beyond

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