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Kate Poux

Kate has been a teacher for 20+ years. She recently made a timeline of her own menopause and wrote this poem:

It’s not real fear or anger,

It’s just old age coming.

Really, I like her.

But, shamefully, I do not feel happy to see her.

She sits at a different cafeteria table than me.

Kate is ready to harness the heat and do something crazy with it. She can’t wait to sit at the same table with her menopausal self, Laura Culberg and all of you.

Laura Culberg

Laura been teaching yoga since 2001. A former small business owner, currently she works helping small businesses thrive in their communities. Laura is passionate about yoga, meditation and writing and gets excited about creating rituals to celebrate and mark important milestones in our lives. She is so excited to be combining all of her passions and diving into this next phase of life with all of you.

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